Lucky Coins

Lucky Chinese coins are round with a square hole in the center. They represent both heaven (the circle) and earth (the square), and because of this, they’re deemed especially auspicious.

There are a multitude of ways to use the coins as feng shui wealth enhancers around your home or business. Tie them in groups of three, six, and nine with red ribbon to activate them with a spark of energy. Always place them with the Chinese character side up

The popular way to use Chinese coins to attract the energy of money is to carry them in your wallet or in your pocket. Usually, it is 3 coins tied in a red ribbon.

If you own a business, there is a variety of way to use the coins according to classical Chinese feng shui schools. You can use them near the cash register, on the inside of your door, with your financial papers, near the phone, you name it.

Lucky Chinese coins come in a range of shapes and sizes, from the simple cluster to elaborate tassles all with auspicious red ribbon